Wolf Blitzer

Ya, warning shots are so loud and scary though!  Why do that either?

Oh these guys… The guy Wolf is talking to (Jeffrey Toobin) was right on some counts but then he derped hard on others.

Anyone who’s taken junior high level human biology knows that smashing a piece of copper/lead at 1000+ fps through a part of anyone’s body is likely going to cause major trauma because there is IMPORTANT STUFF EVERYWHERE.  Not to mention the fact that police officers are not all 22Plinksters / Jerry Miculeks at the best of times (zero stress), never mind when some shit head you’re trying to apprehend or stop from hurting you or someone else is freaking you out. Yea sure, you’re just going to be able to “wing him” *insert eyeroll here*

Gangsta-Shooting-TrendI’ve had to have the “shoot to kill / shoot to wound” conversation with so many people in real life, I’m pretty tired of it.