FateOfDestinee goes in on the negative attitudes from male shooters:

She’s pretty pissed off.  Girls have to deal with so much bullshit we don’t have to deal with as guys.

I like her approach in the video… kinda a MrColionNoir type delivery going on.  Really clean look… killin’ it with that white background.

With most of her complaints I have to say it’s pretty much “welcome to being a girl… enjoy your life”.  I’m not saying it should happen, but the truth is it will happen because she is not a dude and she’s into a male dominated hobby.



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I don’t get that part where the lady shot the hog at 0:56 … first of all when she shouldered the rifle she was initially aiming at the one guys lower body.. then the other guy who was holding the live hog by it’s back legs steered it so she had a good shot.  Wtf was that?  Did they trap that hog or something, and why was it acting so subdued? I thought hogs were fighters.

The indoor range they showed toward the end of the video looked GHETTO.  I saw wheelbarrows, scrap wood, what looked like straw… I hope the ventilation in there is better than it looks.

Nice to see more women shooting, hopefully most are having fun while they practice. I’m sure there will always be a number of women that can’t stand guns, but feel they need to learn how to shoot for their own safety.


As a follow up to her Concealed Carry Holster Options For Different Outfits video:

I can’t see a thigh holster being comfortable for anyone… she says they are comfortable for her though.


Using the Ruger LCR, she gives the ladies an overview of their options, and the problems they might run into:

Always good to see a girl comfortable enough with guns to make such a video, and actually put so much thought into carrying . I’m sure videos like this really do wonders for other girls looking to get into CC’ing because it gives them something to relate to.  


Just don’t ask her specifics about the gun if she works for Esquire magazine… because then you’ll get wrong information like this:

See the full video HERE or click the screenshot above.

I find it hard to believe that someone could make that many obvious errors in one title.

Lets break it down:

  • Glock & Wesson – Well the Glock part is correct.  As far as I know Glock never collaborated with Wesson from Smith & Wesson on anything.
  • 45mm – WTF?  That would be a hell of a round!
  • FPO – I have no idea what that means in the context of firearms.
  • Designed in 1789 – hahhaha Uhhhhh no.   Semi automatic handguns were not invented until the late 1800s.
  • Designed by Colt Koch – Samuel Colt wasn’t born until 1814 and died in 1862, long before the Heckler & Koch company was founded in 1949… and as far as I know there is no one named “Colt Koch”.

I hope to god they didn’t get that information from the DEA agent.

I think we all got trolled by Esquire.  LOL


Found in the book on Amazon – 101 Weapons For Women

Not that surprising considering the book was published in 1992. I’m sure there a lot of other good advice in that book that hasn’t been rendered obsolete.

As a 2010 office tip for women regarding self defense and removable storage media, i’d have to recommend going with breaking a CD or DVD in half and wrapping it up in some cloth or paper so you don’t cut yourself. Those things are RAZOR sharp when broken.

I haven’t seen a 5 1/4 in. or 3 1/2 in. disk since the last flea market I went to.  I don’t think I’ve seen a box from “card files” anywhere in the last couple decades.