Want to change your comment icon (avatar) from the default grey/white glock?

“Poppy” asked about the custom comment icons the other day, then a bunch of you showed up with them.  I never though to make a post about it until now, because I thought people didn’t care to have a custom thumbnail … not because they didn’t know how to do it.  The icon will show up across ALL wordpress blogs you comment on, not just mine.  This even will happen on past comments you have made with the email address you register.

If you want a custom thumbnail:

  1. Go to Gravatar.com
  2. Click on the “Get your Gravatar today” link
  3. Enter the email address you use to comment on wordpress blogs
  4. Check your inbox for an email from Gravatar.com to verify your account
  5. Log in and upload the picture you want to use.  You can change this at any time.

Be creative, it’s your personal branding.  Show yours off and leave a comment below.

NOTE: After you set up the account, verify that your picture is shown under all the ratings at http://en.gravatar.com/site/check/YOUREMAILADDRESS@website.com


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(The above picture is for posterity)

Well, I’m finally done.

I really like the whole design process, so I had a blast redoing the site. I’d have to say I like doing graphics better than coding though, less can go wrong;  I didn’t run into many issues on the code side of things though either.  I can’t say enough good things about the WordPress design framework I used called Thesis.  If you want to customize the base theme as heavily as I did you will still need to know how to code, but it gives you a great platform with great SEO to build off.  The support you get from their private forum is phenomenal too.

That said, every time I make a website I can’t help but wish I had some sort of tangible representation of Internet Explorer, that I could beat with a bat at least once a day. Internet Explorer is the WORST browser known to man, and requires so much specific tweaking just to get things looking half decent. Please, if you are on the internet more than 5 minutes a year, do yourself a favor and install Google Chrome.. or at the very least Firefox. I don’t have much experience with Safari, but as far as I can tell it’s cool too.

If you are experiencing any bugs let me know and I’ll do my best to iron them out.

Let me know what you think!

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