Xavier Amaya

Albuquerque, NM.  People like this actually exist:

Xavier-Amaya-Gun-AlbuquerqueIt’s shocking to me that some idiot would actually point a gun directly at the heads of two girls because he was irritated.  I also find it shocking that several people were casually milling around while he got even more and more irate, while pacing around with the gun.  Even the vertical video camera man (it’s actually a girl taking the video) appears to be getting flagged at around 0:20.  Lucky there was record of this incident though, because the douchebag with the gun (Xavier Amaya) is now in jail for the time being, charged with domestic violence, aggravated assault and battery.

*smh* some people’s kids.  It’s interesting now that with the internet if Xavier gets out of jail and decides to not be a douchebag someday, a quick google search of his name is going to reveal screenshots and videos of this altercation.  I’m guessing a lot of former criminals either just keep on being criminals, or else they change their names.  I’m thinking out loud here… a criminal record check would definitely not be circumvented by the name change, but I’m guessing that name change could at least easily get you a job shoveling cement, cleaning truckstop bathrooms etc…

Thoughts?  What would you have done if you were there with the camera man and were concealed carrying?