Xzibit memes rarely disappoint.

Although that whole incident was interesting, I didn’t talk about it because as usual the media didn’t know what the hell was going on 99% of the time.

I’d rather see every criminal on earth lit on fire than given an expensive trial, a nice clean cell, showers, and meals but that’s just me.  I know that’s not how things are supposed to work, so if they actually did burn down the cabin on purpose with him inside of it, that’s pretty bad.

Here’s a story on the incident, and a supposed audio recording:

I’m sure this will all get swept under the rug within a day or two.

You can watch the shootout on YouTube here.

Thoughts? Ban assault fires?

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Also known as the Moe Szyslak special. Pretty funny that the Mosin would need to have the bolt manually cycled after every shot, but the AK is semi auto.  What kind of AK is that anyway?  An AKS-74U?

The scope is a nice touch too.  With absolutely zero cheek weld that thing has got to be very uncomfortable to fire.



I’d have to say you would definitely need cops, unless you plan on taking all the bullets out of your “full clips” and putting them into magazines which your gun will accept.

Busta, Xzibit, please refer to – http://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/2009/10/24/difference-between-a-magazine-and-a-clip/

Even though I normally like movies in this genre (Menace II Society, Boys N The Hood, etc..) I will be avoiding this one like swine flu.

Source: IMDB page – HERE