This is how it goes.  One company is creative, and gets tons of coverage… then there’s always someone trying to get famous by doing basically the same thing:


Look familiar?

James-Bond-007-Tuxedo-NES-Nintendo-ZapperIf you recall, Black Sheep Arms made this original Glock Nintendo Zapper back in March and the internet loved it.  Jerry Miculek then shot it in a video where he dressed up as Mario.

The company who did this new one is called Precision Syndicate.  They did a pretty nice job on it, I’ll give them that.  I apparently just expect way too much out of people and companies though, because I really think that this description could have used a gentlemanly nod to the first guys who did it.  Since it’s the internet though, there are millions of people who will see the Precision Syndicate one and have no idea it was “done befo”.  Scrolling the comments, I don’t see any mention of the Black Sheep Arms one by anyone and there are ~150,000 shares on the post at the time of writing this.  I had to stop reading the comments after about 30 seconds, because I feel stupider than I did before I started.  I find that’s facebook in a nutshell… people seem to make it their job on there to always find something new to be outraged about.


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Jerry FTW:

Glock-Nintendo-ZapperI know some of your guys are irritated by Jerry.  Say what you will, but the man puts in a lot of effort and actually makes videos that are unique.

Just don’t get this Glock version mixed up with your Kickstarter release of Super Russian Roulette (now 421% funded *smh*).

Nintendo must really have a sense of humor about all this, for letting it slide with their trademark all over.



Holy this is amazing:


Done up by Black Sheep Arms out of Texas.

That’ll show that stupid laughing dog haha.


This was bound to happen.  Someone put a real laser inside a Nintendo Zapper gun:

Wow that seems quite powerful for such a small unit.

If he doesn’t already carry the thing around in a Nintendo Zapper Gun Kydex Holster he is doing himself an injustice.

As cool as I think this is, I’m really not interested in going blind so i’ll probably stick to playing things I know more about.  I would like to make an XY-Table laser cutter though…

You can check out the DIY instructions with lots of pics over at the North Street Labs website.


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I feel sorry for kids too young to have ever played duck hunt:

Source – AF275

What a great looking holster.  No surprise that he scored perfect on the test runs. :)

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Photoshop has so many great uses, this is one of them:

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