Operators who run suppressors on everything.  The fun starts at 1:40

Those guys look like they know how to have a good time.  I don’t trust my zip-line skills enough to attempt something like that;  I’d probably manage a 720 degree sweep on everyone on my first attempt.  My last zip-line experience was over a decade ago when my little cousin wanted to go back up into his tree house on the zip-line so he held onto it while I accelerated him toward the tree house… the line bounced, he let go and hit the ground and broke his arm.  This was like 10 minutes after we got to their house… not ideal haha.


I’ve posted fireman1291‘s stuff in the past… the guy definitely has some sweet toys.

Fireman needs more girls in his vids.  I thought girls loved firefighters? :P  “Disregard Females. Acquire Suppressors.” is the code?  A man must have a code…



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