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LOL @ everything about this guy:

Instructor-Zero-Subs-3I think I side-eye’d this entire video.  As you’d expect it contains all the currently fashionable things to do with a rifle and pistol.  You can be the judge of whether or not those things are useful, or if they are done purely for John Wick style flare.  You know exactly what I’m talking about… C clamp hyper extended Costa rifle grip, pistol snatch back after shooting a round, shooting a hovering half silhouette on a church window extended washing pole.

1:16 – Standard gas mask operations have me reminiscing.

Do these guys he’s training really even operate?  I mean if they did they would obviously need to have pixel’d out faces like in some of his other videos. :P

Thoughts?  It’s always a shame when there’s nothing being said in the video which will result in hilarious closed captions.