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The first part is just stretching.. but then it gets technical and weird:

That is apparently reinforcing basic combat movement for Special Ops, Military, and LE.  *shrug* if you say so.  If crawling on your back like a worm is “basic combat” this must be one of those “You’re not an operator.. you wouldn’t understand” type things.

I just can’t picture a room full of guys doing that.  Seems like one of those things that the higher-ups would be sold on by these training companies because of all the “benefits”, and then the guys that actually had to do it would just show up because they are getting paid, and then get some laughs out of it.

More info over at the Morrison System website.

This isn’t the first time we have seen systema in action.  The Spetznaz are a big fan of it.


Hat Tip: Kyle D



Glock continues to try and impress us with their Adobe After Effects skills:

Although this video isn’t specifically tailored to the civilian market, it isn’t overbearingly Military/LEO until the last third of the video.  I know i’m picky, but I still don’t think any of the three ads we have seen so far are as effective as they could have been. (See ad1 and ad2)




Doesn’t really give much away:

Makes me want to see it though.  The release date November 9, 2012.

I wonder if Bond’s PPK will shoot the entire cartridge like Omega thinks happens?  They didn’t even bother to fix it on the omega website either, which tells me that either no one emailed them and made fun of them yet, they are lazy, or just don’t care.

I’m looking forward to the the day when Bond goes back to wearing a Rolex.




DERP divided by zero:

Waterbury, CT – parents lashed out over plans to build a gun range just a few hundred feet away from Sprague Elementary School but their protest might not have been enough to stop it.

Full Story – HERE

*eye roll* i’m sure hundreds of kids will die yearly once the range is built.

I love how the people don’t even know what they are mad at… “What are guns made out of? Who Knows? What are guns made out of?” LEAD!  “Metal.. metal… what’s in metal? Lead”  Lead.

ROFL how are the guns themselves going to give their kids lead poisoning?  Damn people are so dumb.

The funniest part is, if you’ve ever been to most gun ranges during the day, it’s a bunch of old guys that sit around and talk more then they shoot anyway.

Thoughts?  Would you be angry if a shooting range was going up next to your kid’s school?  Or would you be happy because then you’d have an excuse to shoot every day before you picked them up?

Hat tip: Sean D.



Senator Yee, fighting against law abiding gun owners:

“What I am proposing is to essentially prevent any mechanism that would allow the conversion of an assault weapon into a way that you can fire these magazines upon magazines without effort” -Senator Yee

I have two questions:

  1. How often are what the media likes to call “Assault” rifles used in violent crimes in CA?
  2. What percentage of  “Assault” rifles in evidence right now have bullet buttons or fixed magazines?

I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to both questions… but i’ll humor Senator Yee and support his ban if the answers turn out to be “Very often & most”.

Full Story – HERE

The initial restriction, and this new bill about to be put forward is a typical example of bullshit that does nothing but further inconvenience the law abiding.  Go interview 100 gang members and ask them what they think of magazine capacity restrictions, adjustable stocks, and shoulder things that go up.  I’ll save you the trouble and let you know in advance you’ll get 100 guys laughing in your face.


Hat tip: Adrian Y.