Making sure only the criminals have guns:

2:02 – A young girl, the first intelligent one with “but I own guns, so no”.  The rest of them did not even read what they were signing, or even listen to what he was saying.  They just heard guns and were like “MRRRRRRAAAAAAHHH BAN THEM where do I sign?”

constitutionYou might remember Mark Dice from when he hit the LBC for a long gun open carry event (Unfortunately not a mission to find Mr. Warren G, although rumor has at some point Mark did see a car full of girls and they all knew what was up with 213).


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According to a Nashville, Tennessee news station:

A general sessions judge in Benton County ruled last week that the state didn’t have enough evidence to suspend James Yeager’s carry permit.


Oh the LOLz.  Not enough evidence?  The man stated “I am going to start killing people” on video, and then put it on the internet where it went viral and showed up on every major news station.  If he gets his carry permit back I am officially donning my tinfoil hat.  Oh because he half-ass “apologized” he can get it back?  Please.  If you ask me that’s setting a dangerous precedent.  Since when does an apology wash away things like that?  Initially there was speculation that Yeager probably didn’t give a shit about his “permit” being suspended anyway because as a former LEO he was apparently still authorized everywhere under LEOSA (Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act)… can’t confirm this though.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the state appeals the judges ruling.

Speaking of Yeager, he’s really running out of ideas for his vids.  First there were a bunch of Derp Jacket Firearms ones (Neva Been Done Befo’ shit for real), and now there are some useless rants about gay rights and drugs etc… Hardly as cutting edge and abrasive as he used to be.  Maybe now that’s he’s a grandpa he’s trying to settle down?  I’m still waiting for the video of when he’s supposedly going to take his baby grandson shooting and let his little finger pull the trigger.  That should raise a sufficient shit storm (I hope).

God I missed the post picture.  I used to crack up at it every time I used it, which pretty much ended up being daily when Yeager was at his bat-shit-crazy peak.


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Yeah huge shocker that they don’t want to be burdened with all the problems when ordinary citizens could take care of some of them.


Make sure you head over to PoliceOne to check out all the survey questions and the results.  Some of them might surprise you, but on the other hand if you know police officers chances are you won’t be surprised.

You can hit up the PDF with the full questions and results of the survey – HERE

I like the idea of the survey a lot, but I really wish that PoliceOne would have spent the time to get it out to more than 15,000 officers.  Sure that sounds like a decent number at first though, but in reality the NYPD alone has more than double that.  Yea I know it says they sent it to all 400,000 of their verified LEO forum members, so that’s pretty said only 15,000 cared enough to respond.  They should have offered an incentive like a free coffee / donut to drive response rates up *zing*.  I’m kidding of course… that job has to be the most thankless one on the planet, and I have a lot of respect for everyone that does it properly.


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An extras excerpt from VICE’s new show on HBO:

Wow, 2 weeks to make one gun, and they sell it for $98 USD?! Incredible how much more our time is worth here.  As always I was incredibly disappointed they aren’t making bootleg Deagle brand Deagles anywhere (yet).  If there was an easy way to legally import guns like that, I’d have one badass collection… that kind of thing is so fascinating to me.

2:10 – You have to be shitting me?!  He made that 1911?  Wow… From a distance I’ve seen worse looking 1911s made by machines and sold in gun stores here.


I have the full episode, but I haven’t got around to watching it yet.

I wonder if people are making handguns by hand from scratch just for kicks anywhere in the US as well?




Joerg Sprave tries his hand at helping out the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation:

hahah man that guy has a lot of fun with his vids.  Something tells me though, that he won’t be seeing that $100k anytime soon.  Maybe he should put a micro computer on it, run MS Windows and have it do some calculations and what not.  I’m thinking that the Windows install might grease the wheels a bit.

Joerg-SpraveCome for the vid… stay for his awesome laugh. He is seriously never going to run out of epic ideas.




Next level trolling to reveal hypocrisy:

You might remember Project Veritas from their troll video where they wanted newspaper employees to put a “No Guns Here” sign on their front lawn at a time when they thought their safety was in jeopardy.

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-OffI think these vids are funny, but in my opinion they need to be edited differently or go after higher profile targets.  A lot of the footage they show with employees of the companies is basically useless.   That armed security sign at Piers Morgan’s was priceless, and the guy at Merchant Ivory Productions who was interviewed over the phone kept it mad real.

Because the troll had to be subtle, Project Vertias didn’t stretch the issue as far as to replace all guns in movies with the thumbs up.