Detroit gonna Detroit:

Two paramedics sit in their broken down ambulance as shots ring out all around them.

That’s some scary stuff right there.



People have been going nuts over this rifle:

I have no interest at all in the .300 Blackout round (from purely an armchair operator / cost perspective)… I like the rest of it though.  Is that stock proprietary?  I NEED IT.  I swear I remember seeing it on some sort of Remington tactical AR-15 which would make sense considering Remington now owns AAC.

If you aren’t familiar with the Honey Badger meme check the youtube video.  Normally I’d say piggybacking a meme was lame, but in this case i’ll make an exception since AAC actually came up with something that carries the name with honor.

Oh and one more thing… seriously FPS Russia just change your name to “FPS” because you put absolutely zero effort into that accent now.




These guys talk way too much:

Initially I thought it was kind of lame they were using a pellet gun, but then I saw the pellet bounce off the one balloon… nice. Still pretty lame though, but judging by the accents they probably don’t live in the US so real guns might be harder to come by.

The dive at 7500fps was pretty cool.  High speed cameras definitely seem like one of those things that can automatically make you money if you own or have access to one.



This guy knows how to film a gun being fired:

Make sure to check out his YouTube channel.  He’s got several more videos, and they are all as good of quality.

I’m guessing he’s recording sound separately because the quality of it is damn good as well.

If you don’t watch the vids in 1080p with your system cranked to 11 you are doing yourself a disservice.

Even his mag changes are Operator as &@#* (for the most part.. bit of a fumble after that surefire one).



A LOT of work to make:

The full DIY on instructables – HERE

Looks pretty neat in the end though.  I’d like to see a homemade one done with a spacepen refill instead. (I’m obsessed with space pen refills)

Might be an interesting DIY project for some of you.  Or a good starting point anyway.  I’m thinking even a .50 BMG sharpie might be cool.

Hat tip: Beecher B.



I’m giving away 11 copies of this new book by Paul Barrett:

About the book:

Based on fifteen years of research, Glock is the riveting story of the weapon that has become known as American’s gun.  Today the Glock pistol has been embraced by two-thirds of all U.S. police departments, glamorized in countless Hollywood movies, and featured as a ubiquitous presence on prime-time TV. It has been rhapsodized by hip-hop artists, and coveted by cops and crooks alike.

Filled with corporate intrigue, political maneuvering, Hollywood glitz, bloody shoot-outs—and an attempt on Gaston Glock’s life by a former lieutenant—Glock is at once the inside account of how Glock the company went about marketing its pistol to police agencies and later the public, as well as a compelling chronicle of the evolution of gun culture in America.

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