You just know whoever driving was like “Hold my beer and watch this!”.

My initial thought was that several members of the crowd were going to get pancaked, so that was a relief.

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Shooting Illustrated has some nice pics of 34 iterations:

Check out the other 33 on their website.

As much as I appreciate the design and the old school flavor of the 1911, I’m still bitter that my Springfield Loaded pitted with rust simply because I didn’t treat it like it was something special and keep it in a temp/humidity controlled environment and clean/oil it.  I don’t have the time or want, to worry about babying firearms.  It takes out of my potato chip eating, and distracts me from memorizing the great lines in all 5 seasons of the wire while I get fat, never leave the house, and wonder why I am so alone.

I was kind of disappointed to not see the Double Barrel 1911 in the mix… but I suppose the 1911 purists are not down with it.  Some of the others that are in the 34 pics probably raised a few eyebrows as well I imagine.

Thoughts?  Are 1911s #1 on your list of all time favorite handguns?

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Since I know most of you are looking to waste time on the clock at work:

Remington had some pretty high tech equiptment back in 1969!  I figured a lot more would have been done by hand in the initial stages.

I wonder how much hands-on treatment each rifle gets today at Remington?  My guess is everything that can be automated is.  It’s not as romantic, but they only would have done it to increase throughput in in effort to meet demand and keep stacking that cash.




Video starts at 0:28… I need to know if he’s talking about the M1 Garand or the M1 Carbine.  My money is on the Carbine:

“A M1 here / A M1 there / Everywhere M1 / Ni**az don’t care”

It appears this guy doesn’t have a problem with the proliferation of firearms (especially the M1) so as a community we obviously share that with him.  The question is though, are we (you) glad to have him on our side?



Marketing 101 – Add a gun to make it edgy:

Poor trigger discipline, and creepy nitrile no fingerprint style assassin gloves.  I’ll take everything you have in Large! *throwing money at the screen*

You can check out the full lookbook at their blog.




Let me first of all say I normally have no use for gun reviews.

Since i’m subscribed to MrColionNoir (like you also should be *hint hint*) his reviews were always popping up in my feed.  I didn’t even watch one of them because I am used to the standard crappy boring gun review (yea I know i’m lazy), and I don’t plan on buying like 99% of the stuff he has reviewed, so good or bad my life doesn’t change.  Anyway, I happened to watch the above CZ-75 review only because my friend Jon has that pistol and I’ve shot it a fair amount and liked it, except for a few gripes which I was sure he would touch on.  Sure enough, he didn’t disappoint with the “retarded midget slide” comment (4:05) hahhahahhaha

One thing he didn’t mention, which I found to be an issue is that the trigger was very slippery when I had sweaty hands.  I had not found this to be an issue with my glock triggers probably because they are plastic, and one of them even has lines cut into it.

Anyway, if you’re into reviews, his are worth checking out.  The production quality is top notch, and they are very casual just like his funny vids.