“The gay mad scientist” is my new favorite MrColionNoir created nick name:

I wish the Walking Dead directors would hire MrColionNoir to do a commentary for the episodes on the DVD release.  That would be priceless.

This definitely seemed like a transitional episode.  I’m hoping the next one will be more action packed.

If you’re behind on Walking Dead episodes you can catch up at Amazon.




He should rename his site from Gospel Of Violence to Gospel Of Negligence:

In my post yesterday about the cover-up surrounding this incident I didn’t want to name names, but I can post this now because the information is verified (ridiculous registration needed to read full article).

Unknown to him [Sonny Puzikas], one of his instructors was still inside when he opened fire with a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol, striking unaware instructor in the hand and twice in the abdomen.

Wow and to think Sonny Puzikas wasn’t the beacon of safety I thought he was.  I’m… I’m…. shocked….

^^^ That was sarcasm if you didn’t pick up on it.

It seems like almost every time I make fun of  a “systema” or Spetsnaz video it gets removed.  Here are a few examples I can remember:

  1. Dark shoot house ventilator himself Sonny Puzikas’ buddies at the Panty-oh production company got butthurt when I judged their promotional video a bit too harshly.  They removed the parts I made fun of and re-released the video.  That screen capture (which I also used in this post) is forever though.
  2. Training For War Laying Down And Acting Like A Weirdo – Touted as high level training for Special Ops, Military, and LE.  I guess they couldn’t take the heat, cause that video was removed as well shortly after I posted it.
  3. Entertaining Pistol Training Exercises – Where some Russian Spetsnaz guys did some high speed stuff you could only dream of.  Yea it disappeared too.

If those guys are as high speed as they act, why would they give a shit what some guy with a blog thinks about what they are doing?  Funny stuff…

I’ll stress again the importance of saving retarded gun related videos you come across.  If you don’t this is what happens; future generations won’t get to enjoy the fail we have seen.


Hat tip: Kevin, Chris



Learn about the history and more, of the legendary Kalashnikov:

Good documentary, definitely worth 25 minutes of your time.

<— Yea I hatched this obvious new meme for all things AK related, enjoy.




She even makes a witty comment about being “armed” at the beginning:

The shooting starts at 4:50.  Before that the guy is just showing her his guns.

She also reminds other armless people who are learning how to shoot guns, not to put their toe on the trigger until they are ready to shoot.  Jeff Cooper would be proud.

I’m always blown away how positive some disabled people are about life.  Good for her, I couldn’t handle that for 5 minutes.

Glad to see the guy hosting her, didn’t troll her with a Deagle.

 has a youtube channel where she records herself doing various things (without arms of course).

I posted about one other guy shooting with his feet a while back which you might want to check out.


Hat tip: Colin



It happened during a shoot house portion, Gene and a student was doing an AAR after a run in the house. XXXXXX enters first room engages targets (no lights). Gene and student did not positively ID their presence in the second room, XXXXXX goes into room two, engages target with failure drill with Gene standing in front of that target and the student nearby. Two to abdomen, one to the arm. XXXXXX shooting under no light at a target he previously set up. But the problem compounded when XXXXXX did not account for all people in the class, the people in the shoot house upon hearing the shots, did not ID their presence, and shooting in low light with out a light to ID target…….

Well well well… looks like someone wasn’t as HSLD (High Speed Low Drag) as he thought he was.  Whoever could have imagined such an accident would happen?  *eye roll*

I’m not naming names (yet, although if you read the links you can figure it out), because although several of your emailed me various links which I’ll add below, there is very little concrete evidence to support the claims.  I emailed the owner of the shooting range where this happened, and even he didn’t want to verify the story and told me to email the person in question.  I declined to do that because why would that guy in question cooperate with me in me making fun of his dumb ass?

Here are some relevant links to discussions:

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.  I hope the guy he shot (THREE TIMES apparently!#!#!#$!) makes a full recovery.

Amazing how information on this all seems to be “unavailable” or else wiped from the internet.  Even this news story on the incident has basically no useful info.

I’m sure XXXXXX feels terrible, but in my opinion you don’t get any 2nd chances with stuff like this.  Safety is paramount, and if that’s not your main concern when training people then you’re just putting everyone including yourself in a whole lot of danger, and stuff like this WILL happen.  You can beat your chest and bark about “big boy rules” and “real world combat is 360 degress” all you want, but if there are not safety protocols that are being diligently followed (no matter what the class skill level is) then I would consider that gross negligence.


Hat tip: All you guys that sent it in!  I don’t want to name names because some told me to keep theirs quiet.



Zombie apocalypse *facepalm*, aliens *facepalm*, government collapse:

His picks:

  1. Remington 870
  2. AK-47
  3. Remington 700 (.308)

My picks:

  1. Glock 17
  2. Ruger 10/22
  3. AR-15 with a very good scope

Thoughts… what are your picks?