The alternate ending – HERE

Some people are sure good at that stop motion stuff!

Hat tip: Raeshawn



Awesome stuff!  I love that look.

The artist’s name is Fernando Reza, you can buy all four 11×17″ prints for $80 – HERE



Hide yo’ kids hide yo’ wife, we live in an age of Gunbrella scares:

Burlington, MA - Police responded in force today to a report of a man with a rifle at a mall, evacuating shoppers and calling in a SWAT team as worried workers locked themselves into stores. But it turned out that the man was only carrying an umbrella.

Police said the umbrella, which had a samurai sword-style handle, did look like a rifle, and they didn’t fault those at the Burlington Mall who had reported the man.

Full Story – HERE

The previous umbrella assault rifle story – HERE

A couple things on my mind:

When is Obama going to start an ATU task force? (Alcohol Tobacco Umbrellas) to put a stop to this madness.

Does the umbrella take high capacity assault clips?

We really need to patch up this umbrella loophole before someone gets hurt.

Hat tip: John J



Italian sculptor Nicola Bolla, 47, is reknowned for using materials of natuarl beauty to create disturbing or even vulgar objects.

Wow, that looks like crap. Could he have left out any more detail?

Full Story – HERE



Although this mini crossbow is quite a bit cooler than the same persons mini cannon, I still find it difficult to get excited about stuff like this.  The camera work and the music is so damn boring, that doesn’t help matters for me either.

Figured some of you guys would like it though.



I blame a combination of the model, and the 10 or so people that were involved in that debacle.

There is a time and a place, for pointing real guns at a camera and in every other random direction.  That time and place is in a controlled environment where everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety, and there are no outsiders that might be walking in the background wondering WTF some chick (or guy maybe, who knows.. that haircut is androgynous) is doing 360degree finger on the trigger muzzle sweeps with two suppressed glocks.


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