And if they don’t work against a real threat, at least you’ll die looking cool:

I’m thinking we need to see what these guys can do at a shooting range with real guns.  It would need to be at James Yeager’s school though where muzzle discipline and cameraman lives are not a concern.  I’m thinking that as long as these guys are good shooters, the flips wouldn’t effect their performance at all.

Any thoughts?

Hat tip: Blake L.



This is awesome because it’s so true:

The types: Talker, Safety Hazard, Guy who thinks his old gun is worth a ton, Zombie Apocalypse guy, cheapskate, lurker know-it-all, MILF, felon, hustler

This video is priceless… it was basically like a 11.5 minute stand up comedy routine.  MrColionNoir, you gotta keep it up… these vids are awesome.

In my experience, an important one he forgot is the “off duty cop”.  I’ve ran into so many of those trying to tell me this and that (which I was looking at or asking about) is ILLEGAL FOR CIVILIANS!  I’m so used to that now I just roll my eyes and try to ignore them.  I used to drop knowledge bombs on their asses a couple times until I realized that arguing with someone that IS THE LAW is basically useless.

A good follow-up to his Guide To Gun Store Salesman

 is quickly becoming one of my favorite YouTubers, you should subscribe to him.

Any customer types you think he missed?



You can pick one up from ThinkGeek for $50 (if they ever get them back in stock)

I could have sworn my dad had a Rotring pen with the same action 20 years ago.  At that time it was just considered a pen though, and not re-branded to be “tactical” in order to sell a million of them to COD and Airsoft nerds.

I wouldn’t buy 99% of the stuff on ThinkGeek because collecting random crap is not something I do.  There is that 1% of their products though, that are so clever I almost want to buy them.

Hat tip: Steven, Blair




Made and sold by Hiller Armament Company.  $16.50 for 10 targets.  Stay classy guys.

The only thing more hilarious than people making stuff like this up solely to piss people off, is that people will actually but these targets and use them to piss even MORE people off. Quite a first product for Hiller Armament Company to come out with regardless. They really set the bar high for their 2nd product LOL.

I lost interest in that case a long time ago.  What ended up happening?  Did the companies that own Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea see record sales for the past few months?



Well I guess not entirely useless I suppose… you be the judge:

.50 BMG Proof iPhone Case – If your pockets are big enough, and your fear of taking a round to the femoral artery is more of a concern than your coolness.

$650 USD at this sketchy Japanese site

And finally…

Knuckle iPhone Case – If you’ve ever wanted to send a text message and a physical message to someones face.

$99 at




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