An electromagnetic railgun offers a velocity previously unattainable in a conventional weapon, speeds that are incredibly powerful on their own. In fact, since the projectile doesn’t have any explosives itself, it relies upon that kinetic energy to do damage. And at 11 a.m. today, the Navy produced a 33-megajoule firing — more than three times the previous record set by the Navy in 2008.

So when will the railgun become a working weapon? Both Ellis and Carr expect fully functional railguns on the decks of U.S. Navy ships in the 2025 time frame.

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Ugh 2025… and only on ships?  I want one NOWWWWWW!



The UK is such an easy target for gun control jokes.

Yikes he’s got a knife though!  Oh well, I’m sure he’s just on his way to a knife surrender bin

His balloon cluster looks dangerously close to being classified as “high capacity” … I hope he counted correctly.



One of the funniest Joseph Ducreux memes i’ve seen in a long time.



I haven’t seen that movie since it came out in 1990, but I remember liking it. I also remember playing “tremors” on the play structure which was a game we made up as a variation on tag where you couldn’t touch the ground, or you’d die.  Good times…

Two things notable about the scene are the fact that the guns actually run out of ammo, and the lady actually says “magazine” and not clip.

  • You can buy Tremors or watch it online for a couple bucks – HERE

LOL they actually made up to “Tremors 4″ … I hate to think how bad the other 3 are.



From her TLC show ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’:

Sarah Palin: “Hey dad, does it kick?” :roll:  Besides that, its pretty obvious she has little to no experience with guns.  Terrible trigger discipline, doesn’t know how to load the rifle, chamber a round etc…

Also, what a courteous caribou to wait around like that. With the first rifle she took around 6 shots, then one of the other guys said something about how the gun must be off so she should try the other gun because it is dead on (heh.. right…. the gun was off).

What an embarrassment. I think this show is doing more to hurt her political career and whatever credibility she might have had, than it is helping it.

It’s a real shame they didn’t let her scope herself on national TV for some LOLz.

The TV show’s website – HERE (if you’re looking for more random stuff to roll your eyes at)

A funny animated gif of her with a shotgun from a previous episode – HERE



Decent episode. Hilarious CGI.

If you forgot to set the DVR, you can always watch it online for a couple bucks:

Episode 6 – TS-19

  • Standard Definition (SD) – HERE
  • High Definition (HD) – HERE