Be Sure Of Your Axe Target And What’s Beyond It


Holy!!!! That could have been way worse. I can’t believe that with all the lawyers and people at FOX who must be involved with absolutely EVERY micro decision, the derpyness / potential lawsuit nightmare of this was overlooked.

Ban Fox News assault axes. There’s more on the story at mediaite, where there is even a statement from the drummer. The insight gives us a better picture, or the sheer amount of derp involved which almost ended in the drummer potentially getting maimed or killed.

My leadership told me they were told there would be no axe throwing. I think the anchor person went rogue and decided to throw it. He had only thrown it once before in practice for an upcoming segment and they told him to throw it with more force.


Gat tip: Caleb (who also links a gross video of a dude getting his nose almost completely chopped off in a sword vs sausage “hold my beer and watch this” incident.)

P.S. – Remember those picatinny rail mount axes? LOL classic.