Some Classic VODA INC Right Here

2 minutes and 19 seconds of solid gold VODA bravado, misinformation, and chest puffing:

0:05 – Five seconds into this video and he’s already telling his “student” to pull the trigger with the gun pointed at him.  Then he puffs his chest out and brags about his “training for real life” methods got him in trouble with the NRA and PPSB (Private Protective Services Board)

0:29 – Saying he teaches gun fighting.  “No longer are we shooting at some targets, right?  I’m shooting people.  I need to put guns and to chests if I need to”.  As he puts the gun to her chest. WOW…. wow…

0:40 – Rambling and patronizing her about why she needs to be armed.

1:10 – Ok so this video is him apparently getting a “self defense program ready for the community”.  haha

1:22 – This is probably one of my favorite lines he has ever said:  “When you drop hammers, on people.  Please understand that there’s a minimum of 5 rounds per person.”.  That’s the first time I’ve heard a rule like that.  And a MINIMUM none the less.  Better carry a few eXtenDos in that case.

1:54 – Talks shit about the NRA and PPSB again

2:00 – “We only put convicts in the ground. Period.  That’s it.  Nothing else.”

Voda-Firearms-Training-Lucien-BlackClassic.  This guy is so full of his own bullshit it’s incredible.  I really admire his confidence.

If you can’t get enough of this guy, make sure to check out my past posts on him.

Thoughts?  You training with VODA INC any time soon?  Maybe hiring him as a consultant? AHAHAH



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